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The Dalits (Indian Untouchables) who live around Varanasi in India are the persons excluded from the system of Indian castes, they are more commonly called the untouchables because it is considered that the simple act of touching them brings impurity to the persons of an upper caste. They are usually employed in tasks considered as "dirty" and they are generally very badly paid. In India, the membership of a caste is, with the family, the main reference inherited from the parents which determines the position, the social relationships, the profession or the marriage of a person. A lot of political and social will is required to obtain change, Gandhi fought for their rights since the beginning of the 19th century, their rights have evolved but they still suffer many economic, social, cultural and political limitations. This in spite of the fact that the Indian constitution is supposed to defend the untouchables, according to the law it would even be forbidden to considerer somebody as untouchable, regrettably the segregation still occurs and is supported by the local authorities. It is vital to give a voice to these invisible communities and to speak about this phenomenon of hidden apartheid, the Dalits represent approximately 16 % of the Indian population.

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